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How To Fix Old Concrete Steps?

Increased foot traffic and other elements usually makes concrete steps prone to damage. It is possible to remedy this damage through regular maintenance and other modes of repair that make the steps seem relatively new. Many experts in this field usually perform this task by patching and resurfacing the concrete steps. This is usually undertaken as a DIY task with the use of specific materials and tools.

About tools, it is vital to have a magic trowel, nose trowel, and a spray hopper for reasons that will be mentioned in this article. Concerning materials, a sealer, duct tape, and some other concrete patch materials are also crucial in the execution of this task. This article gives you the steps you need to take to fix old concrete steps.

  • The Clean Up

Use a trowel tool to remove the debris, dirt or some other types of concrete before starting the major part of this endeavor. You should also cleaning the area thoroughly using a pressure washer, which ensures the debris, dirt, or weeds are moving in a similar direction hence ultimately rendering the area squeaky clean. This ensures that the bonding agent shall be able to adhere accordingly.

concrete steps
  • Taping

This is where you will put the aforementioned duct tape into good use. You should tape all the areas of the periphery to ensure they will not be ruined or made dirty by the new concrete.

  • Make the Concrete Mix

Professionals in this field have insisted that concrete is used in this job has to have some good adhesion. It is put in a mixer where some liquid is poured and then mixed appropriately. It is very advisable to mix an amount that you are quite certain will be used and exhausted within the next half hour.

  • Apply the Concrete Mix

The resulting mix is then applied to the specific areas on the steps using a nose shovel. The trowels are put to use at this point. The remaining concrete is then used to fill the glaring holes. This is extra concrete is utilized to reduce wastage, as it would just become hard. The trowel is used to make the work tidy by polishing up the area, making it look neat and relatively new.

  • Application of Another Coat

This is done at this stage before the initial coat starts to dry. Besides making the concrete steps look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, this step is essential as it makes the steps stronger and sturdy. This means that they can now comfortably bear more weight without any possible chance of potential damage. They can stand the test of time without necessitating other kinds of fixing or repairs anytime soon.

  • Sprinkle Some Water

This is simply done to ensure that the areas being fixed are properly dampened. The lingering question is how can you know that the steps require this spraying. A test is done using a broom to sweep the area and see if anything happens. If some tiny globule-like balls are formed, then this is an indication that you should sprinkle some water to moisten the area.

  • Finishing

This is done with a finishing broom, which is used to sweep the applied concrete along the entire surface.

  • Filling the Pores in the Concrete

After doing the finishing, you should fill all the pores in the older concrete. It is done to avoid any glaring holes that might be quite visible. It might appear unnecessary or inconsequential but it is very important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for functionality. This is because it inhibits any further damage, which might emanate from these holes. This is because if the holes might remain exposed they might cause damage to the concrete especially when exposed to water or during the rainy season.

  • Shaping

This is the last step in this task. It entails shaping the side of the step using a cove tool. Doing this ensures that the step is properly lined and looks good.

This article has given several steps that can be used to fix old concrete steps. This fix is long lasting and durable thus avoiding any future expenses in case of a major or severe tear-out. With this information, you stand to be properly guided if you decide to undertake this project for the renewal of your aging concrete steps. However, if you feel like this task is quite overwhelming for you, it is better to let professionals handle the project. They have a lot of experience and will hence ensure a great job is done.