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Why is There Stuff Falling Down My Chimney?

Many people start to freak out at specific times of the year when mortar and soot commence falling down their chimneys. This is a lingering issue and it can be quite troubling for varying clients who might be wondering whether their chimney is about to collapse. This article will seek to demystify and elucidate on this blurry topic to know the main cause of stuff falling down the chimney.

  • Parging

Parging refers to the brick with the thin layer of mortar. It eventually becomes frail hence ultimately collapsing and leaving the surface bare and uncovered. There are mortar joints in the middle of the bricks and they often become sand. More so, the brickwork is normally susceptible and predisposed to soot deposits hence consequently causing tiny portions or segments to fall off. People rarely repoint the inner walls of the chimney because it is quite inaccessible. The result is that some bricks fall off and obstruct flue.

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  • Chimney Cap

This refers to a topper that prevents any moisture or debris from penetrating your chimney. Sometimes things might enter into the chimney and this can be attributed to the absence of a chimney cap. The lack of the cap means that there might be debris, twigs, and leaves falling down your chimney even if there are not any trees in the adjacent areas. Further, when your chimney has no cap, the debris emanates from the critter and animals can climb and enter into the chimney quite comfortably. The cap is therefore very vital.

  • Varying Temperatures

Flue encounters differing temperatures ranging from hot to exceedingly cold. This makes the inner bits of the flue prone to crumbling premised on where the chimney is situated. The apparent fragility culminates into the fall of the debris straight into the grate. This indicates why there might be some stuff falling down your chimney as it can be attributed to these temperature variations.

  • Decay

This can be attributed to some serious structural damage as the liner continues to age. It causes the tiles to dislodge. This decay is calamitous as the damaged liner starts to allow corrosive gases and heat to ruin the chimney’s interior masonry. Ultimately, this results in the fall of the mortar and chunks of bricks in the fireplace.

  • Water Infiltration

This is another factor but it is always undermined. The outcome is fatal since most people do not take the necessary steps to remedy this issue until the effects are manifest. Water damages the chimney and this becomes apparent when some parts of the masonry start to lean and falling eventually.

  • Tree Debris and Tiny Animals

Small animals such as birds and rodents create nests inside the chimney. Eventually, they leave a lot of nesting materials as they go down the flue seeking to enter the house. They end up leaving many leaves, branches, and debris inside the chimney thus explaining how you might find some stuff falling down your chimney. This is dangerous as it can cause some huge obstruction thus sending smoke and other corrosive gases straight into your home.

  • Old Chimney

A chimney can be aging and responding to many environmental changes. This is because it has been severely hit for many years. Sometimes people think that sweeping might suffice but it does not deter the liner from breaking down. This can be remedied through the installation of a new liner. There are several types but experts have stated that a stainless steel liner is the most fitting and it comes with a lifetime warranty. The new liner solves this problem by preventing or curbing the fall of the debris into your fireplace.

  • Summer Season

This is another cause of stuff or debris falling down your chimney. It is because air travels well into the chimney during the summer, which is not the case in the winter season. The soot and creosote, therefore, goes down the dirty chimney and it is then deposited at the fireplace.

This article has illustrated why some debris can be found on the floor of your fireplace. This includes some chips, logs, and ashes. When you find this kind of chimney debris, then it is time you should consider servicing your chimney to identify and deal with the cause or underlying problem. Cleaning the chimney frequently helps to prevent this constant fall of debris. You should also schedule some chimney inspections and this should be part of your normal home maintenance endeavors. Doing these things will ensure you never have to deal with things falling down your chimney.