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Is Cleaning Gutters Dangerous?

Cleaning gutters is vital, especially after rain has fallen and trees have started shedding their leaves. This is because some deposits and debris have collected in the rain gutters hence necessitating cleaning. Such a situation means that it is an ideal time for you to search for a ladder and some gloves so you can start cleaning in earnest before the next rainy season comes thus ensuring that you are properly prepared.

However, after getting ready and finally getting up there under the unforgiving and scorching sun, you can get a rude awakening about how difficult this task really is. In recent times, there have been numerous cases regarding how people often overlook this task hence thinking that they will always come out of it unscathed. This ultimately ends up with so many fatalities since people do not take ample safety measures. There is therefore a very high probability of injury and the several risks or dangers involved when you are undertaking the cleaning by yourself. This article looks at exactly that.

  • Falls

This is deemed the most common risk associated with cleaning gutters. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission clearly indicate that over 80,000 people usually fall and get injured annually hence requiring immediate medical care. It is oddly surprising that most of these accidents could have been readily avoided if great and sufficient care was taken and more so with the use of the right and fitting equipment.

  • Ladder Accidents

This emanates from either the instability or the substandard maintenance of the ladders. The use of these ladders and other gears that do not depict any given signs of deterioration is a very technical imperative. This includes placing the ladder strategically and involving someone else who can hold the ladder firmly while also passing or handing you the specific tools required in this endeavor.

  • Wiring and Power Lines

Electrical wires and power lines pose a very huge risk especially after they are damaged in the rainy season. They are therefore life threatening when you are up there possibly in a very wet roof while working on the steel or aluminum gutters. Water and these other metals are very good conductors of electricity hence it is quite important to establish whether there are  any loose wires before you embark on this difficult task which could be highly detrimental to your  safety.

  • Diseases

These ailments could emanate from fungi and mold due to the vermin and birds that thrive in this kind of environment. It is often very dark and exceedingly humid. Many gutters are usually highly infested thus they could expose you to many kinds of diseases if you collect the dirt and debris with your own bare hands.

  • Drowsiness

After erecting the ladder and having it in place together with all the requisite supplies, you might feel like you are ready to go up and clean the gutters. However, you might be oblivious of the fact that most people often have some height related phobia hence possibly losing balance and finally leaving them in a very huge predicament. Experts in this area have therefore suggested that it is crucial for you to be aware of any conditions that might impede you from climbing to such heights as could finally prove to be fatal. This includes dizziness and issues that might highly jeopardize your life or wellbeing.

  • Wrong Clothing

Most homeowners do not necessarily think about the kind of clothing or apparel that they put on. Any slight projection on the ladder can simply get you stuck thus rendering you unstable. This very huge risk can be life threatening thus culminating to very calamitous consequences.

  • Ruin and House Damage

It can result to a damage of the foundation due to the leaks resulting from a hole in the gutter. This emanates from a disruption of the roofing and the respective edging on the roof while cleaning the gutters.

From the foregoing, it is quite clear that cleaning gutters is quite a dangerous exercise. In case you think that you might be ill equipped, hiring some experienced professionals is paramount. This is because they are better equipped and insured thus you ought not to worry about their safety. It is also crucial to note that people with advanced age and infirmity are more prone and susceptible to these kinds of dangers. Ample care therefore ought to be taken to steer them away from cleaning gutters. Home safety is therefore a very essential consideration for every homeowner.