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What are the Different Types of Windows You Can Install At Home?

There exist so many window options but most people do not realize this until they encounter a window-related problem that necessitates the acquisition and subsequent installation of a new one. This also entails the purchase of a new window for a new homeowner who could be in a dilemma about the most fitting window to install in his house. Windows play a very vital role, as they not only allow natural light to penetrate your home but also for aesthetic purposes by providing a sense of style to your home.

Many factors guide the types of windows that you should install in your home. They include style, size and if you prefer modern and contemporary windows or the ancient and traditional ones. This topic is tough to navigate due to the numerous options available to any prospective homeowner or someone who needs some window replacement. This article discusses the various types of windows you can install at home.

Casement Windows

These windows are ideal for people who prioritize and want some optimal entrance of air and light into their household. Their energy efficiency helps to effectively reduce the homes’ utility costs hence they have a very high demand. This is because they create a decent seal hence much-improved energy performance once they are appropriately locked and closed.

These windows open outwards and they can be readily attached and hinged on the left or right-hand side hence they are well primed for countertops and cabinets. This is attributed to the fact that they can be cranked open hence used with ease.

Picture Windows

These windows do not open hence they are most preferable for areas where the free and unrestricted flow of air is not a major factor. In most homes, they typically occupy the central part of the wall where they allow in enough sunlight while simultaneously giving you some very good views. These huge glass expenses are very susceptible to air leakages than other types of windows. However, they gain and lose heat readily compared to other types of insulated walls. These windows are only preferred for aesthetic purposes only due to their very high visual appeal. They are ideal for very high ceilings where superb lighting is of paramount importance.

Bay Windows

They are appropriate for people who have a fetish for interior design, as these windows would contribute to the space in their home. It avails more light into your home through bespoke and amazing angles because they are designed to jut out from your house. Most architects usually love this window since it has distinct and better angles to work with while still ensuring that there is unrestricted airflow. More so, the windows also entail some side windows, which often help with airflow once they are opened. They are suitable for kitchens and specific family rooms.

Awning Windows

They are hinged on the top of the window sash that is run by a crank. They proceed to open out and most people prefer to pair them with huge picture windows. To provide ample ventilation, they are strategically placed on the top, bottom or sides of the picture window. Unlike the double-hung windows, awning windows are not ideal for high traffic areas and walkways because they open out hence they would culminate into a lot of obstruction.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows open only halfway and they are not overly popular due to their inefficiency emanating from their minimal and inhibited airflow. The windows can open from either the top or the bottom. As they open, they remain inside within the frame because they do not project or stick out inwards or outwards of the home. They are ideal and fitting for a walkway as it consumes very limited space.

Transom Windows

These windows are very narrow and they could be stationary or operating. They help to add and enhance the light in a certain area by ideally mounting them on top of older windows or doors.

The aforementioned depicts the varying types of windows, which you can install in your home. Your decision should be premised on your budget, the space you have to work with, your style and preference and the overall desired architecture of your home. It is therefore imperative for you to have a thorough evaluation of the foregoing to make an informed decision. In case you feel that this is still blurry, you should consult a professional to ensure that you choose the right windows.