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Construction Worker Installing New Windows In House

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

In case your furniture and other things in your house are fading due to their closeness to the windows, then it is a good time to add this coating. It is very thin and virtually invisible hence should not scare you into thinking that your windows might become opaque because of this metallic layer. Better…

roofer install asphalt roof shingles

Are DIY Roof Projects Risky?

There is a high risk of bodily harm for people who attempt a roofing project on their own. Many tools used in a roof installation can cause serious injuries to a novice user if not handled properly. If you are repairing an old roof, you may come across weak spots that could make you fall…

gutter guards made out of mesh to prevent leaves from getting stuck

Do Gutter Guards Work?

This helps reduce the number of times you have to clean or maintain your gutters. If you get the right one, a gutter guard can help you in a great way as long as it is properly installed. Things You Need to Note about Gutter Guards Installing the Wrong Gutter Guards One thing you need…