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Mason, bricklayer worker is using red blocks

What is Colgrout Masonry?

Materials Used in Colgrout Masonry As aforementioned, different materials have to be used to ensure colgrout masonry goes according to plan. This part of the article looks at exactly that. Cement The type of cement usually used is Portland cement and super sulfated cement. These types of cement work great in dams and other big…

Old wall of red bricks for background

Ten Basic Principles of Stone Masonry

The first thing that the builder needs to understand is that sedimentary stones ought to be laid in such a way that their natural bedding panels are horizontal and not vertical. Stones Should Not be Laid Longer Than Their Long Apart from the corners, builders should never lay a stone taller than it is long.…

open plastic vinyl window on a background blue sky

Best Home Window Replacement Brands In 2021

Among the window lines is a type of window that is soundproof in areas with lots of background noise. Another line is aluminum windows, known for their simple and modern look. Their windows are made with thin frames, purposefully for the minimalists. For a more upgraded look, the company has wood-clad fiberglass to withstand bad…

chimney inspector checking the chimmey

Chimney Inspection Facts

If you are planning to purchase a home or want to maintain your existing chimney, you will need to hire a chimney inspector to ensure it is working optimally. This part of the article gives you things you need to know about chimney inspection. A Chimney Should Be Inspected at Least Once a Year The…

new stone masonry walls

What are the Total Types of Stone Masonry?

The stone selection for the work depends on stone availability and the benefits of the structure. Common stones used for this kind of construction include marble, granite, limestone, and many more. Mortar Mortar is the binding material used in stone masonry. Lime and cement combined with water and sand help form the masonry mortar. Factors…