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Flat roof installation. Heating and melting bitumen roofing felt by flame torch at construction site

What is Roll Roofing?

This is the most crucial part when it comes to roll roofing. It involves cutting the rolls into long strips, meticulously laying them down, and aligning them in a horizontal position. Some types of roll roofing might be too feeble thus creating the need for reinforcement in a bid to make them much sturdier. This…

Winter snow covered trees seen through the window

How To Insulate Windows In Cold Weather

They entail an aluminum frame, which is well fitted in the inside of the current windows. They are often much preferable as it is quite easy to DIY  as they come with a manual and guidelines on how the same ought to be undertaken. They function through the weather-stripping that is present all around the…

Roofer preparing part of bitumen roofing felt roll for melting by gas heater torch flame

How Is Rubber Used In Roofing Materials?

The shorter name for this type of rubber roofing material is Hypalon. It is a type of synthetic rubber that is highly resistant to fire, oil, acids, gas, and light. The strength and versatility of Chlorosulfonated polyethylene are what make it a good rubber roofing material for both residential and commercial buildings. However, it is…

Contractor Builder with blue hardhat

Chimney Damage: To Repair or Rebuild?

A rebuild can be necessitated by the existence of certain structural issues, which cannot be salvaged through a repair. Some irredeemable chimney conditions may include a ruined chimney foundation and a destroyed exterior that is beyond repair. A rebuild can aid to remedy such issues that could have been occasioned by poor masonry and a…