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NJ Gutter Cleaning: Reasons for Fall Gutter Service

Gutter cleaning isn’t an appealing or entertaining project, but if you want to avoid roof and home damage, it is an essential part of fall home maintenance. Gutters are a crucial system of interconnected troughs which protect your home from damage. This winter is expected to be another cold one, with extreme low temperatures and lots of ice and snow. Clear gutters give that excess water somewhere to go – and keep it from ending up in your attic, too. A broken or clogged gutter can result in significant water damage, and even allow a way for squirrels and other pests to take up residence in your home. These are some of the reasons that you can’t ignore your gutters before the winter season.

3 Reasons Fall Gutter Cleaning Is A Must For Any NJ Home:

Prevent Pests from Entering your Home

If your gutters are not regularly inspected and cleaned, the sheer weight of the debris inside can cause them to pull away from your home, allowing animals to enter. Squirrels, raccoons and other mammals actively seek out warm, cozy places for the cold winter months. If your gutters or roof allow access, you could find your attic has become a comfortable haven to a variety of woodland creatures this winter.

You’ll benefit from those clean gutters when spring arrives, too. When gutters become clogged they can create standing water which will invite all kinds of pests. Mosquitoes can and will lay their eggs in the standing water inside your gutter. Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance they are a cause for concern too! Mosquitoes can spread the West Nile Virus which can cause symptoms ranging from fever and headache to muscle fatigue, vision loss and even paralysis. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends that homeowners regularly clean their gutters to prevent the spread of West Nile Virus.

Prevent Water Damage

Water can cause significant and long lasting problems in your home. It leads to mold and mildew and can weaken your homes foundation and walls. If you don’t check your entire gutter system regularly you may have lurking issues such as clogs, corrosion, broken fasteners, and separation between connections. All of these issues can cause water damage to your home; catching any problems now and taking action in the fall allows you to avoid a nasty surprise during the first snowfall or storm

Avoid Coping with a Messy Repair

Inspecting and cleaning your gutters before the winter means you avoid dealing with a cold and icy situation. Having snow and ice build up in the gutters makes the job of cleaning them out significantly more difficult, and may cause even more damage to your gutters. Not only that, but if water is seeping into your home and freezes from the cold you can damage your foundation and walls due to the expansion of the frozen water.

Know the reasons for keeping your gutter clean – but hate the idea of struggling with all that gunky buildup and the ladder? Cleaning your gutters is not the most glamorous household chore, it requires you to be able to safely scale a ladder to reach the critical parts of your roof and gutters. One of our professional technicians can help you avoid the risk and “yuck” factor associated with this necessary but less than fun household job.

For help with NJ gutter cleaning in your home, contact us; we’ll dispatch one of our trained professionals to clean and repair you gutters, just in time for winter! Reach us at our website or by phone at 888-399-0955 to get the help you need with your home gutters.