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Should I Repair My Gutters or Install New Ones?

Gutters are often forgotten when it comes to home maintenance, but they perform an incredibly important function for your home: They keep runoff away from your house’s foundation. In most cases, you don’t notice gutters at all when they’re doing their job properly, but you’re definitely aware of them when they stop working correctly — especially if moisture is making its way into your home.

But how do you know whether malfunctioning gutters are merely in need of a little maintenance or whether it’s time to replace your whole system? Keep reading for some tell-tale signs that it’s time for new gutters.

When to Repair Gutters?

Just because your gutters aren’t working perfectly doesn’t mean it’s time to tear them down and replace them. Just like any part of your home, gutters need regular maintenance. The most common cause of poor gutter performance is that they’re clogged. Make sure to schedule a gutter cleaning at least once a year (more if your home is surrounded by trees) to remove leaves and debris from your system.

If your gutters are clean but still not working perfectly, you may have come cracks. Small cracks can easily be patched with some sealant without much trouble. The same goes for a few loose fasteners that can be re-secured with some nails and a hammer. If you have a two story home or aren’t comfortable maintaining your gutters on your own, hire a specialist to perform regular maintenance for you to keep your gutters in tip-top shape.

When to Replace Gutters?

While one or two leaks can be fixed with sealant, if you are finding that your gutter system is riddled with cracks and rusted out spots, it might be time for new gutters altogether. The same goes for separated fasteners. One or two can be fixed by hand, but if you are continuing to find nails and screws on the ground around your house, or notice that your gutters are separating from the roof in multiple places, you’re probably wasting your time with continued repairs.

Even if gutters aren’t visibly in bad condition, it might be time to replace them if they aren’t doing their job. If you find that the landscaping around your home is eroding — or even worse, that water is seeping into your basement — these are telltale signs that your gutters aren’t working for you. If you’ve assessed all possible causes for the malfunction and aren’t sure what’s causing it, call in an expert to find out if your gutters can be salvaged or need to be replaced.

Finding a Reputable Gutter Specialist

Whether your gutters are in need of a little upkeep or a total replacement, the most foolproof solution out there is to hire a gutter repair specialist for the job. Not only will a specialist be able to give you a trusted opinion on what is the best path forward for your gutters — they’ll also provide you the service you need when it comes to replacing or repairing your gutter system. Make sure you choose a specialist who is both experienced and reputable — and don’t be afraid to ask for references from former clients!