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Should My Siding be Replaced at the Same Time as Windows?

A siding renovation project might not just apply to the siding but other parts of the house that could be needing some remodeling work. One such part could be the windows. Since you probably installed windows and siding at around the same time, the windows could be worn out too, hence needing replacement. Apart from that, you could be replacing siding to give your home a fresh new look. If this is the case, then windows might also need replacement since you do not want them to affect the new exceptional look. This article gives information regarding siding and window replacement.

Why it is a Good Idea to Replace Siding and Windows at the Same Time

two windows installation workers installing double-glass pane
It is a good idea to replace siding and windows at around the same time since the installation work will be quite easy for both tasks. Doing this job at the same time gives your contractor the opportunity to set the capping for the window prior to installing the siding. Window capping is a key process because the aluminum or vinyl installed helps direct water from the window frames and your walls’ interior. Doing the replacement at the same time gives your contractor a chance to set the windows then install the siding. This is a good idea because it saves you a lot of money in the future.

Why Does Window Capping Matter?

Window capping is a process where the installers add a barrier beneath the window frame, which is meant to restrict moisture from getting through the windows. This barrier extends below the siding too, and that is why it is crucial to install it first. If you get a contractor to install the siding before the window replacement is done, they may have to cut into the siding to set the barrier. Although this can still be done, it takes a lot of work hence not an ideal solution. Redoing the siding could make it look bad and lead to extra installation costs.

In addition, your original window capping could get damaged in case the siding is removed. At this moment, your installer might want to recap your windows. Therefore, if you make the decision to install the siding first, and wait to do window replacement, you will need to pay an extra amount to do the window recapping. However, if you did the siding and the windows at the same time, the capping can be done during window replacement.

Is it Expensive to Replace Windows and Siding At the Same Time?

Replacing windows and siding at the same time can be quite expensive. Average windows cost between $300 and $700 to replace. A normal house with three bedrooms could cost you between $3,000 and $7,000 to replace all windows. When you add this to the cost of replacing siding, you could be needing several tens of thousands to get the job done.

Since you might not have this kind of money with you, you might want to start with one project first. The best advice when you decide to do this is to start with windows. This is what normally happens because even when you decide to install both at once, installers will start with windows first. This will make it easier for you to install siding later on when you have the funds for that.

However, if your siding is entirely damaged and almost falling apart, you might want to replace it first, as long as the windows are in good condition. The windows can wait if they are still working optimally. Therefore, if you start noticing pieces of siding pulling off the frame, you will want to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. You do not want bigger problems in the future like increased energy costs, leaks into your house, or rotting boards. When you wait for the issues to become bigger, you will have to deal with a bigger problem in the future that could costs you lots of money and time.

When it comes to your home’s exterior, you want to ensure it looks amazing at all times. Windows and siding make a huge role in making your exterior look incredible. You hence have to ensure that these two look good. If you notice both wearing out with time, the best thing you can do is replace them at the same time. This will be expensive at first but will save you a lot of money when you factor in the cost of replacing them separately. However, if you do not have the funds for that, you might want to replace what looks more damaged.