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What Rock is Used in Roofing?

The type of rock that is commonly used in roofing is slate. A slater installs slate and it is an ideal type of roof tile since it is ductile and capable of being split into thin sheets. It is formed through metamorphism and it is a relatively fine rock formed in an environment with very subtle elements hence this characteristic and fine nature makes it a perfect fit for roofing due to several reasons that will be later discussed. It has a unique capability of retaining a natural appearance hence rendering the subsequent stacking process simple, as slate usually remains flat. This article gives details regarding the use of slate for roofing.

Benefits of Using Slate

The biggest advantage of using slate and other distinct rocks in your roofing is that you do it for posterity.

shingles for roof
It is the best fit in case you desire to have a roof that is durable and capable of tolerating the elements of nature for an extended period devoid of any potential damage. This is attained while simultaneously according your home a decent look hence making it a good fit for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Slate is ideal since it comes in varying types of colors and unique patterns after being perfectly hewed to form exemplary sheets.

The installation of slate is quite complex and relatively pricey but it is ultimately worth the money expended towards it. The rock has been in use for many years hence its longevity is never in dispute. It is deemed waterproof due it to its minimal rate of water absorption hence resulting in a corresponding increase in its life expectancy. The durability of slate, when used in roofing, varies due to several reasons. This includes the location due to factors such as weather and other varied elements. The level and quality of maintenance also dictate its durability.

As mentioned above, slate is not used by many people and it has often been deemed to be a preserve of a few since it’s quite pricey and demanding when it comes to maintenance. However, for those who can afford it, it is a great fit since it is very pleasing because of its polished look, which seamlessly matches the general feel and appearance of any ordinary home as highlighted earlier.

What Makes Slate Shingles Ideal and Preferable?

The sturdy nature of slate makes it very durable and capable of withstanding many hazards that could normally wreak havoc in case any other types of ordinary shingles were used. It is therefore an attractive prospect for those who desire to have a roof, which can be able to resist this kind of damage or ruin with consummate ease.

This durability ultimately reduces the need for constant replacement hence eventually ending up being a cheap alternative in the long-term compared to the other cheap shingles which require several replacements from time to time hence compounding to a very huge expenditure. Slate, therefore, ensures that you will not spend colossal sums of money after making the first initial investment in acquisition and installation.

The fact that they are deemed to be expensive is therefore just a myth or a fallacy as they are generally cheap in the long run. The installation of slate is therefore a feasible idea unless the initial cost of investment proves to be problematic as it is the only impediment since it is often substantial but worthwhile with the lapse of time.

Other Perks of Using Slate

Slate has many other accompanying advantages besides the ones highlighted above. It leads to a huge increase or surge in the resale value of a home. This implies that it can only make a home very suitable hence easily amusing any potential home purchaser.

What Factors Should You Bear In Mind When Using Slate?

It is vital to ensure that your house is strong enough to handle the weight of slate. Slate is heavy and bulky thus a weak or frail structure will eventually result in a collapse.

It is also very expensive. This means that its installation should be done delicately and with an abundance of caution. This therefore ought to be done by an experienced expert who can confidently and assuredly cite that slate and all that appertains to it is his forte. It is prudent to ensure that you employ proven and licensed contractors who will not fail you hence sparing you any consequential losses.

In conclusion, the slate is great and fitting for everyone who is ready and willing to spend some more money for the initial commencement of a rock related to a roofing project. Some might feel skeptical but at the end of it all, it is worthwhile due to all the advantages as illustrated in the article.