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What Effects Do Solar Panels Have On A Roof?

Installation of solar panels on roofs has increased over the years. Homeowners all around the world are switching to solar energy. However, most homeowners ask the question if solar panels will ruin their roof. It is a concern to many house owners.

Solar panels typically do not affect roofs. It is quite the opposite. Solar panels have a positive effect on roofs and the house itself. Researches claim that it is rare to find a roof ruined by solar panels. A case of a roof ruined by solar panels only occurs due to poor installation. This article gives information regarding the effects of solar panels on roofs.

How are Solar Panels Installed?

Solar panels roof 3D rendering

Solar panels being a concern for most homeowners, it is imperative to understand the installation process. The process involves cracking and drilling holes through your roofs. There is also the addition of new items like bolts to fit the panels. For instance, there will be a slight alteration to the core parts of the roof, and if done wrongly, this could destroy your roof.

The purpose of drilling holes in your roof is to ensure the solar panels are in place and secure.  The holes are for the bolts and are designed in such a way that they will withstand adverse weather conditions. They vary in size and depth, depending on the type of roof.

All these additions to your roof sound scary and worrying. However, you should not worry. There are measures put in place by installers to ensure your roof remains intact and avoid any leakage. Besides, between the holes and the bolts fixtures, a metal shield called flashing is placed. The flashing is then sealed with tar.

For homeowners who are concerned with weather changes like in winter, where snowflakes might add weight to the roof, this should not be an issue. Solar panels are installed at a specific angle where the ice will fall and slide off.

However, not all panels are supposed to have holes. You could have your panels installed in other ways. One option is to install solar roof tiles or solar shingles. The two integrate electricity from photovoltaics into the tiles and shingles and eliminate the traditional way of mounting. If you have a flat roof, the easier it will be to install. On a flat roof, they use a ballast mounting system. This system ensures that the mounts are put correctly and weighted well.

Effects of Solar Panels on Roofs

Installing solar panels on your roofs has more advantages than disadvantages. Adding them has more benefits than you can imagine. For instance, they provide a layer of protection and even help increase the value of your roof. Below are some positive effects of solar panels

  • The Cooling Effect By Solar Panels

The work of solar panels is to absorb sunlight that would have otherwise landed directly on the roof.  They help keep the house cool from the adverse effects of the sun’s rays. In other words, they act as a shade to the roof and the house. In between the panels and the roofs, there is a space that allows airflow. With the panels in place, your home temperature regulates to nearly 35% or even more.

  • Protection From Bad Weather

Bad weather such as heavy rainfall, snow, hailstorms, and excessive wind can cause damage to the roof. With time, your roof will slowly be ruined. When solar panels are installed, they act as a block from all these. Although it might not be that effective, to a slight degree it prevents severe weather. It protects the roof and increases its durability to last longer unlike when it had no solar panels.

When installing solar panels in your home, just like any other project, it is imperative to use the best-suited service providers. The right installer who is licensed, professional, and qualified for the job. Otherwise, any wrong kind of installation will cause damage to your house and the roof.

The above information gives you a highlight of everything you need to know about solar panels. It answers the question of solar panels has any effect on roofs. Roofs are a critical structure when it comes to a home. You must be careful and choose the right company if you want to install them. Do your research and make sure you understand all that comprises solar panels. With that, you will be good to install solar panels in your home.