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How to Shingle a Roof Without a Roofing Nail Gun?

It is quite conflicting when deciding between the use of a nail gun or hand nailing for roof shingles in case your home requires the installation of a new roof. It is vital to stress that none of these methods is wrong or right as the respective manufacturers approve them all. This has been subject to some long debates as many roofers are often very keen and cautious regarding this topic. It is quite clear that most of the poorly done roofs are prone to havoc by extreme weather conditions and other major leaks.

This implies that the specific area where the nails ought to be placed is very minute. This means that even the slightest placement could end up ruining the roof hence nullifying the warranty of the manufacturer. This is why many roofers often opt for the hand nail roofing as it guarantees ideal placement and at the perfect depth without any under or over driving.

shingles on the roof with regular hammer
Many experts have postulated that even though a roofing nail gun might seem quite fancy, it leaves a huge margin for error hence it might culminate in substantial damage especially if the roofer is inexperienced. This article discusses how you can shingle a roof without a roofing nail gun.

Hand Nail Roofing

It is possible to feel when the nail reaches the wood through the use of hand nail roofing and this is quite unachievable when using a nail gun. The nails that are driven through hand nail roofing rarely become loose hence eliminating any possibility of leaks and overly raised shingles. It is therefore quite possible to shingle a roof without a roofing nail gun. The only con is that it is too time-consuming and it requires a considerable amount of effort to bring the task into completion. More so, the box cutter blades are not durable when used to cut the shingles hence you should have many to ensure that you never fall short. Several tools are required when you want to shingle a roof without the use of a nail gun. This includes a hammer, knife, chalk line, and roof harness among others. Concerning the materials, you will need the shingles and some roofing nails and all these ought to be acquired earlier to avoid rushing and getting confused when you shop at the last minute.

Hand Nailing Vs Using a Nail Gun for Shingles

The regular use of a gun might be too tasking hence many people prefer to use hand nailing. However, to ascertain which method is better than the other, all factors must be taken into consideration. This is because they are all perceived as decent and their efficacy is dependent on who is using the nail gun and who is using the hammer. This is because that is the best parameter that dictates the result or outcome. Hiring a nail gun and the air compressor might be too expensive and this explains why many people opt to hand nail instead of purchasing or hiring the aforementioned as they feel completely priced out. More so, many people do not have the requisite skill to operate a nail gun hence they settle for hand nailing. It is therefore quite clear that hand nailing is great as if offers a perfect nail placement while still proving to be quite cheap. It is a decent alternative to a nail gun and this is because it has stood the test of time since medieval days.

In summation, hand nailing is ideal as it guarantees great nail placement and within the well-defined scope or area hence avoiding some issues about the voiding of the warranty the manufacturer. It ensures that there is ample accuracy. Further, hand nailing helps to confirm that the nails are not left too high due to the use of very low pressure, which can compromise everything thus causing a hump on the shingle on top of it.

The whole concept of hand nailing is not on the brink of extinction. Many people doing their roof often feel like the costs involved in renting a nail gun might be too exorbitant and constantly escalating. However, they all have their flaws hence it is vital to choose a contractor who has ample experience hence in a better position to advise you accordingly. This is because such a contractor offers a warranty in case anything goes against the plan. You can easily find a good roofing contractor online by checking through their reviews.