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Is it Possible to Install a New Roof in Winter?

It is normal to experience problems with your roofing system, especially in the winter season. This entails some leaking ceiling or missing shingles and it is enough indication that you should start considering replacing and installing a new roof. This is vital but is it doable irrespective of whether it is deep into the winter season. This is a lingering question from multiple homeowners as it is still a very blurry topic without a conclusive answer. This article discusses whether it is indeed possible to install a new roof in winter.

How Can a Roof Be Installed in Winter?

It is indeed true that you can install a new roof in winter but it requires good technique and prowess from the start up to the completion of this task. This is crucial to ensure that the new roof will not be ruined or affected by the cold temperature.

new rood installation in the winter
It is a good way of ensuring that your roof is restored to its perfect and peak condition and more so through all the respective seasons. In addition, it is easy to get the best deals and packages during this season because most of the roofing businesses usually stall in this period.

The Impact of Low Temperatures on Roof Installation in Winter

Installing a new roof when the temperature is not great can cause breakage. An example is asphalt shingles, which should be installed when the temperature is between 40 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing the new roof when the temperature is below the aforementioned 40 degrees can be very problematic. The roof can be installed in winter but your installer or contractor should inform you when the temperature is fitting before settling on a certain installation time or date.

Is it Preferable to Install a New Roof in Winter?

Many experts and commentators in this field have previously stated that it is not okay to install a roof in winter when its freezing and the temperatures are exceedingly low. They further reiterate that sealing with adhesives is not feasible and that caulk cannot function in these freezing temperatures. This might sound and seem quite logical to many people but it is not the case. This is because the roofing materials do not necessarily stop functioning when the temperatures start dropping at a very fast rate. The aforementioned is inaccurate because on the contrary, installing a new roof in this season is prudent as it might increase the roof’s longevity.

How Do You Use Sealants in this Season?

Shingles should be hand sealed independently in this season to ensure that they can bond accordingly. This is because there is no sun to aid in the seal activation. The use of hands to seal all the shingles might seem like a very tasking and daunting endeavor but even though it takes longer, it is very effective to ensure that all the shingles are properly sealed in a season without any useful natural heat.

Is it Feasible to Install a New Roof in Winter and Does it Entail Any Significant Challenges?

There are several challenges that contractors face. The nail guns and compressors might have some ice because of the freezing temperatures. This means that the gun will not push the nail to the required depth. It needs proper monitoring hence it is very time-consuming. The shingles also become brittle hence rendering it quite hard to bend and cut them. Another challenge is the cold curl but it can be remedied with the use of hand sealing as illustrated above. Most importantly, these challenges are not huge enough to deter you from installing a new roof in winter hence the pros outdo the cons.

This article has clearly illustrated that whenever you feel like your roof is deteriorating and the weather outside is appalling, you should not worry because a qualified and experienced contractor will help you install the roof without any problems and other possible technicalities. However, even though the roofing might appear quite cheap in this season, it is very important to ensure that you use a reputable roofing company that is constantly busy through all the seasons. Therefore, if you are not in a position to wait until the summer to install a new roof, then it is only imperative that you use a contractor who can hand seal every shingle. This ensures that the work done is of high quality and that your roof will last for quite long even though it was installed in this specific season.