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Siding Selection: What Are Your Options?

Too often, homeowners ignore their siding, not realizing that worn-out siding can affect the appearance of their home. Does your siding look washed up, bland? Does algae grow on it? Perhaps it’s time to replace it.

You can find just about any type of siding for your New Jersey home. However, the most significant factor when choosing the best siding for a New Jersey home is the one that’s the most resistant to harsh weather. If you’re a Jersey homeowner and considering siding installation, here are some basic considerations and the most common materials regarding siding installation in NJ homes.

Vinyl Siding 

Vinyl siding is popular in New Jersey. Besides being very affordable, it’s also easy to install. Its cosmetic appeal attracts many homeowners as there are many colors, styles, and textures from which to close. Also, vinyl trim can be found in a wide range of decorative details that mimic the siding of historic wood clapboard.

This material is a good choice for New Jersey homes because of its high resistance to wind and harsh, cold weather. Vinyl can be installed as either vertical or horizontal panels that never needs to be painted, which offers you low maintenance. However, vinyl is usually installed over insulating material because it’s not a natural insulator. On the other hand, there are some newer products with attached insulation, which saves you money on installation as an installer can do the job quicker. 

Wood Siding 

New Jersey homeowners interested in restoring historical homes should consider wood siding. Although it cost more than most other materials, it’s the best investment for increasing the value of your home. This option provides excellent curb appeal and has good longevity, lasting for several decades. If you have a traditional home, this is probably the best choice.

On a down note, wood requires more upkeep, such as repainting, staining, sealing and repair work. Consider that it’s susceptible to dents and damage from flying objects, which can affect compromise its insulation properties.

Fiber Cement Siding 

Fiber cement siding, also known as hardwood siding, is one of the newer sidings, but is growing in popularity. It’s known for minimal maintenance, as well as exceptional stability. This material, which is a mixture of cement, wood pulp, sand, and clay, can be made so that it looks like shingles, wood clapboard, masonry, and stucco. Another benefit is that it can be painted in a wide selection of finishes.

Besides not warping, fiber cement can resist bugs and fire. It also does a good job of withstanding cold New Jersey winters, besides hot summers, as it can hold up against both expanding and contracting. You can buy this siding either totally finished or primed. As this siding is moisture resistant, its paint last considerably longer than paint that’s on wood siding. In most cases, it comes with a 30-year warranty. Still, consider that it can cost more than vinyl and entails expert installation. 

Considerations and Warnings 

  • Consider that vinyl can’t be altered after it’s been installed. Therefore, make the right color choice before you have your siding installed.
  • Consider the benefits of insulated siding for your New Jersey home. This type of material is very much like vinyl, but it’s considerably flatter. Some of the perks include its natural beauty and high quality insulation property. It’s exceptional tough and sustainable for cold weather. It works extremely well for irregular walls. Nevertheless, it cost somewhat more than vinyl.

If you have any questions about siding or roofing materials, don’t hesitate to call A1 Everlast. As knowledgeable, dependable roofing and siding professionals, we offer quality service and only the best materials. Regardless of the style of your New Jersey home, you can trust us to give you exceptional service and products. Contact us today!