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What Type of Roofing is Best for My home?

What was the last maintenance or repair project you did at home? What about the one before that? Sometimes it’s easy to forget. Being a homeowner is full of decisions, purchases, repairs, and considerations for the future. For many people the home is also the central asset of the household, and the choices we make can have measurable financial consequences.

In the grand scheme of things, roofing is vitally important. A home with a weak, aging, or dilapidated roof paves the way for innumerable problems. So roofing is definitely something to which homeowners want to pay careful attention.

Among the most common questions asked by homeowners involves different roofing materials; and specifically, which type of roofing would be best for a particular home. There is no single answer for every home, and different types of roofing do have advantages and disadvantages. However, by taking a closer look at the different types of roofing people commonly choose, we can improve our understanding of this important homeowner decision.

1. Asphalt

Economic and long-lasting, this is far-and-away the most popular type of roofing. There are various styles and strengths of asphalt shingle, but the best choice for a particular roof will depend on local climate considerations and the unique design of the house. Discoloration and a shorter lifespan (asphalt shingle commonly last 1-2 decades, while other types of roofing can last much longer) are common challenges. However, for overall value, asphalt shingles are difficult to beat.

2. Slate

Many upscale homes have rooftops made of slate. Unlike other materials (including asphalt), slate is not susceptible to organic rot or deterioration. The variety of styles and colors — and the astounding lifespan (slate roofs can easily last 100 years) — make this a popular choice. But as mentioned, it’s considerably more expensive. Slat is also a heavy material that requires special expertise to install, and you have to be very careful when walking on it, which makes it more challenging to accomplish routine maintenance tasks.

3. Metal

More and more homeowners have been considering metal roofing in recent years. Shingles fabricated from metal are light and strong, and can easily have a very long lifespan. Discoloration is an issue over time, although painting can mitigate this problem. Like slate, metal roofing requires expert installation.

How to find the best roofer in your area

Obviously, with something as important as a roof, you’ll want to put it in the hands of an expert who is highly skilled, highly experienced, and above all – honest. The question is how to locate a reputable referral in your area. One who will be service oriented and will understand what an important investment this is for the homeowner. One that will offer solid, objective advice.

Online reviews are a great stepping stone for find a reputable roofer in your area. Years of experience and expertise are also important qualities to look out for — they help ensure that no matter what material or design you choose, you’ll be getting the highest quality installation possible. Good luck!