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Want to Preserve your Siding? Avoid These Four Mistakes

What does it mean to be a successful homeowner? Different people will certainly give different answers to this question, but staying on top of maintenance concerns — and making decisions that extend the lifespan of the property — is something virtually everybody can agree on. In order to keep your home structurally and financially viable, it’s important to take care of things in a timely manner, and not allow small problems to become big ones.

Certain vital components of the home, such as roofing and siding, are even more important in this respect. On average, American homeowners spent nearly $10,000 to replace siding. Of course, there are situations in which replacement is both necessary and sensible — but it may not have been necessary (at least not so soon) if proper care had been taken to preserve the existing siding, and extend its lifespan as long as possible.

If you want to get the most out of your existing siding, without needing to prematurely repair or replace it, here are four mistakes you should definitely avoid.

1. Poor planning

Probably the number one mistake people make with siding is not taking climate and weather into consideration. If your local climate has distinct seasons, a lot of precipitation and drastic temperature swings, your siding specialist should take this carefully into consideration when offering advice and options. The various different types of siding on the market have pros and cons when it comes to specific types of climate and weather.

2. Going for DIY installation

The quality of siding you purchase can only be maximized when the installation is carried out correctly. If you don’t have the requisite training and experience in siding installation, you’re much more likely to make costly installation errors that end up compromising the integrity of your home’s siding.

3. Not choosing the right stain

If your home has wood siding, the question of choosing the right stain becomes an important one. Most experts agree that a properly chosen and applied stain will protect your wood siding (and thus your home) from the elements, including sunlight, for a good five years. Choosing the wrong stain or not applying it correctly can drastically shrink this number.

4. Not choosing the right contractor

The majority of homeowners seek professional advice and installation for their siding, and this is usually a good idea — provided you choose your contractor carefully, selecting the most reputable and experienced siding professional in your area.

Where do I find the best advice on siding?

In terms of your home’s siding, it’s not always about making a big decision right away. Sometimes you just need expert advice on the condition of your existing siding, and your options for the future. In these situations, finding a reputable siding installation specialist can work to your advantage, even if you’re not sure about paying for repairs and replacements. The most reliable companies will be able to give you solid, objective information on your siding — and help you make the best long-term decision for your home.