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What is a Masonry Fireplace and what is It Used For?

A masonry fireplace is a fireplace made of stone, brick, and mortar. It comprises of a brick firebox and a brick chimney going all the way up to the roof of the house and is constructed together with the house. Although several fireplace designs have been invented, masonry fireplaces are still considered dear to most homes due to their rustic natural look and feel, as well as many other uses. This article looks at the functions of a masonry fireplace.

  • Warming Up the House

Just like any other type of fireplace, masonry fireplaces were originally designed to warm the house in the evening. They are also used to warm up the house during the winter daytime. Sometimes temperatures may go to the extreme low during the cold seasons such as winter, a time in which survival would be hard without a fireplace. When installed and maintained properly, masonry fireplaces can heat your house for centuries since brick is long lasting. They play an important role in the house because of replacing other types of heaters since brick is capable of retaining heat for some time, even after you have put out the fire in the firebox. To make them safe and prevent smoke from damaging your house, more advanced fireplaces are now coming with a glass-enclosed firebox.

  • Cooking Food

A masonry fireplace is a good place to boil water for making coffee and tea. You can do this by just placing the kettle on the burning wood or pellets. You could also use the masonry firebox to cook some foods; you can roast some meat on sticks or you could still cook other foods in pots placed on the burning fire. This is a great way to cook when you want to save on energy costs or when disaster has struck your neighbor and the gas utility has been impacted. It also provides a good alternative to gas or electric stove since you do not have to keep turning the appliances on every time you need to warm food.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

In line with warming the house, masonry fireplaces play an important role in providing house occupants with aesthetic appeal. It is very satisfying and relaxing to look at fire and flying embers on a dim-lit evening. You could just sit around the fireplace as a family and have a chat. Alternatively, you can sit around the fireplace with your loved ones while sipping on some wine. Burning wood, especially red cider that has aromatic cider provides you with a rustic natural look and feel that helps calm your mind while you are relaxing at the fireplace.

  • Saving Energy Costs

Having a masonry fireplace saves you lots of money you would have spent on electric or fuel energy to heat the house. Since you can cook some of your meals in the fireplace, this saves you a considerable amount of money you would have used to cook your food using gas or electric stove. On top of it all, the masonry fireplace is better than other types of fireplaces since it can retain heat for some time. Brick is long lasting and this means less maintenance and repair costs. All these will translate to more money in your pocket in terms of savings.

  • Adding Home Value

Many homebuyers are usually on the lookout for homes with this important installation. This is because apart from the rustic natural look and feel that comes with the masonry fireplace, it also helps save lots of money with energy bills. A fireplace, especially brick on the masonry fireplace looks and feels classic and elegant, and most homeowners are willing to spend a fortune to have a taste of this feeling. To make the experience at the fireplace even better, flavored pellets have been introduced into the market so you can choose one that blends with your unique taste and preferences. Having a masonry fireplace in your home gives you an advantage over other properties available on sale when it comes to selling your house. Potential homebuyers will be willing to meet your asking price.

Installing a masonry fireplace is an expert-only job and not a DIY. Fireplaces, being critical installations in our homes should never be gambled with. Making a slight mistake could cost you the whole installation and worse still, the whole house when it catches fire. There is no point in spending so much on building a decent house and lose it over a couple of dollars. So call in a contractor to do the job for you.