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What is an Auto Clean Chimney and what are Its Benefits?

With new inventions being discovered daily, people are now opting for more convenience and higher effectiveness when cooking their meals. One of those inventions that have proven to be a real game-changer is the auto clean chimney, which has seen its popularity increase. This article gives insights regarding an auto clean chimney and its benefits.

What is An Auto Clean Chimney?

An auto clean chimney is a device that uses an automatic blower to suck in hot gases from the cooking stovetop. It uses the principle of centrifugal force to suck in hot gases together with oil particles from the cooking. The particles are trapped on the filters in the blower of the chimney, while the hot gases are led to the outside of the house, for the case of a ducted auto clean chimney.

Benefits of an Auto Clean Chimney

  • Cost Effectiveness

The conventional chimney has a less powerful blower, meaning the suction power is lower than that of an auto clean chimney. For that reason, oil particles trapped in the walls of the chimney become too much over a short period and cause clogging on the filters. This leads to more usage of power for the blower to clean the hot gases. In addition, clogging means the chimney requires regular maintenance, which is very expensive. An auto clean chimney, on the other hand, has filters that trap oil particles reducing chances of clogging, thus enhancing the functionality of the blower, without using much power. It also means that chances of breakdown are minimal, hence saving you money required for regular repair and maintenance.

  • Lower Maintenance

The traditional chimney relies on a blower but lacks the filter where oil particles could be trapped. This causes oil particles to be trapped on the blower and end up clogging it. Over a shorter period, the blower is deemed to fail since the clogging impacts the functionality of the chimney. With an auto clean chimney, the blower is fitted with oil filters, reducing chances of clogging. All you are required is to clean the filters at the specified periods and you are done. Therefore, the blower will not fail easily, hence little or no maintenance at all.

  • Higher Suction Power

The old chimneys have a lower suction power compared to automatic clean chimneys. The blowers fitted in the automatic clean chimneys blow and suck in hot gases at higher rates and more quietly, using less electric power than their old counterparts. This, therefore, means that you can do all the cooking you want, including heavy-duty cooking like deep-frying and grilling, without worrying about the problems of smoke and hot gases building up in your kitchen. This is a complete opposite of the old chimney where you cannot do heavy-duty cooking without your kitchen filling up with hot fumes and grease.

  • Easier to Clean

Non-automatic chimneys just have a duct and a blower where hot gases and oil particles are trapped. After a short period, the blower becomes clogged with grease because of the oil particles, making it even harder to clean the blower. On the contrary, oil particles in the auto clean chimneys are trapped in the filters of the blower. This requires cleaning at specified times, where you just remove the filters and wash them in the dishwasher then put them back after they are dry.

  • Extended Lifespan

The high suction power in the auto clean chimney means that it is very efficient in sucking hot gases and oil particles. It is also fitted with a blower that has filters for trapping oil particles, hence reducing the chances of clogging of grease. This means that as long as you do the recommended cleaning, the auto clean chimney will serve you for a long time than the old chimney.

An auto clean chimney is very beneficial, as you do not have to clean it yourself or maintain it on a regular basis. Apart from this, it is very efficient, meaning it lasts longer than the average chimney. If you are looking to buy one, automatic clean chimneys come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and materials so that you can choose one that matches your style and unique tastes and preferences. You can go online and lookup for them or you could visit a local supplies store. However, you should note that an auto clean chimney is a little expensive than a manual one. However, the wide range of benefits that come with having one will make your money worthwhile.