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Category: Chimney Cleaning

Chimney sweep wishing good fortune with a rusty horseshoe

Do Gas Fireplaces Need Chimney Cleaning?

Homeowners who own wood-burning fireplaces are aware of the need to have their chimneys cleaned and inspected. Burning wood produces visible combustion byproducts that are hard to ignore once you see the soot and creosote buildup inside your chimney. However, gas fireplaces do not produce visible soot-like wood-burning fireplaces. Instead, they can deposit corrosive substances…

7 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney

A chimney is a vital component for every household, especially when winter strikes. It is therefore important that it gets checked and cleaned well to ensure that it is in a pristine condition. This article looks at seven reasons as to why you should thoroughly clean your chimney among which are for safety reasons and…