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What Is the Average Cost of Window Replacement?

It is always important for every homeowner to replace windows after living in a home for quite some time. You might neglect your home windows for an extended period, but they still play a vital role in ensuring that your home remains cozy and pleasant. Windows are susceptible to damage after the exertion of force. They therefore necessitate some replacement after breakage or any other kind of damage. Replacement could also be done for purposes of giving your home a proper facelift.

Estimating and calculating the cost of window replacement is very difficult since it is based on varying factors. This includes the size, quality and style of the windows. There exists a wide array of pricey windows but there are still many affordable ones in the market provided you are certain of the type you think is fitting for your home. This article looks at the average cost of window replacement by looking at several factors that influence the cost.

  • The Current State of Your Window Frames

This should be taken into consideration prior to making any estimation of the costs of the window replacement. The window frames should be inspected to determine whether they have been damaged by moisture or if there is any potential rotting emanating from insects.

If the frame is still in pristine condition, then you only need to replace the glass by installing a new one and this will save on cost. If the frame is totally cracked or ruined due to wearing out, you will need to replace the window entirely. More so, if you want to replace old wooden frames, the price will be very steep and thus you ought to weigh all your available options based on your dedicated budget. This plays a huge role in the estimation of the average cost of a complete or partial window replacement.

  • Material

For purposes of precision, the estimated cost for the acquisition and installation of a vinyl window often ranges at $450 to $600. This is in stark contrast to the replacement of a wooden window, which costs around $750 to $1000. Fiberglass ranges from $500 to $1500 whereas composite ranges at $300 to $1200. More so, a basic single pane aluminum window costs as low as $200 whereas a double pane custom window costs as much as $5000. These price variations are premised on durability, cost of maintenance, look and energy efficiency.

  • Type

This ranges from $50 to $1300 depending on the style you choose. Single hung windows cost between $100 and $400 whereas double hung windows cost between $150 and $650. A picture style will cost you around $300 to $1200. On the other hand, a casement style ranges from $200 to $1400.

  • Energy Efficient Windows

They range from $250 to $ 1000 each. This entails double pane and triple pane, which have a very high efficiency. The more expensive they are is the more efficient they can be.

  • Size

There is a wide range of sizes available from different manufacturers. Size has a very direct impact on the cost of the material and the subsequent installation. It is quite difficult to state an exact price estimation hence you should consult a window installer from your area.

  • Custom Replacement

The pricing for custom window replacement starts from $1000 and above. Custom windows are typically used in classical homes that have no any ordinary and standard sizes.

Based on the information given in this article, the average cost of window replacement is therefore $180 to $700 per window. Some windows are relatively expensive and they range from $800 to $1200. These are very stylish high-end windows. Other experts in this filed have posited and stipulated that the average cost of window replacement is $200 to $1800.

As seen, there is no exact and precise cost and all these variations are premised on the contractor and manufacturer that you engage. Furthermore, the style and design of the window also matters hence creating this cost disparities. Any costs to be incurred for installation purposes depend on varying factors. The assumption is always that the new window is to be installed in an old and existing frame that is very structurally sound.

It is vital for you to find a decent and qualified contractor and a reputable window manufacturer. This is to ensure that there is value for money and to avoid any unnecessary escalating costs. If you are still unsure of the exact cost of replacing your windows, then qualified contractors can help you out on the same.