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What’s the Average Cost of Roof Repair?

Have you ever had to deal with an unexpected roof repair? If so, you know just how frustrating it can be. In many cases, the budget is already tight. Stretching it even farther – especially to accommodate an unexpected repair costing thousands of dollars – is not exactly cause for celebration. And when the work is done and the bill is paid, you don’t have anything new or exciting show for it. All you have is a roof that works the way it was supposed to work, before this unexpected problem ever came up.

And yet, the roof is arguably more important than any of those things you would rather spend money on. The more your roof deteriorates and fails, the more difficult it is to live in your home at all. That’s why unexpected roof repairs are so frustrating; because they have to be taken care of no matter what, and the solution is not always cheap.

So let’s get right down to the question every homeowner asks as soon as they find out that roof repairs may soon be necessary. Namely, how much is this going to cost? Since there’s really no choice in repairing serious roof problems, the best a homeowner can do is getting accurate idea of what the final bill is going to be, and prepare accordingly.

What it costs

The average homeowner spends about $700 to have their roofing issues professionally addressed. This is assuming, however, that roofing problems haven’t progressed very far. The range of roofing repair costs is wide for this reason; in cases where very minor repairs are undertaken to “nip problems in the bud” and prevent them from getting worse, the cost may be as low as one or two hundred dollars. For average repairs, the cost will be more like $700. For more significant repairs — when problems have been neglected and allowed to progress — homeowners pay upwards of $2000 for a professional solution.

When repairs cross a certain threshold, it’s worth considering a new roof. A brand new roof, including professional installation, costs between $2,500 and $6,500 on average (depending on the type of roofing, size, design, etc.). So if your repair is significant, and pushing up against this $2,500 mark, starting fresh might be the best bet.

Whether you go for repairs or a new roof, it’s important to cover your investment. Reputable roofers will always guarantee their workmanship for a period of several years (between 5 and 10 is the industry standard).

The other side of roofing repair

But it’s not just about getting an accurate estimate. It’s also about finding an expert with the requisite experience and training to do the work in a way that is absolutely professional and guaranteed in writing. The integrity of your homes roof is not an area where you want to cut corners, and so even if you have an accurate idea of what the contractor is going to charge, it’s necessary to have an accurate idea of the quality of work they are going to deliver.