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Why is it Important to Have a Chimney Crown?

When it comes to a chimney, most people are aware of a simple structure with zero complexities. The information they have about a chimney is the basic interior of it, which is the fireplace. However, that is not the case. Chimneys are more complex than they look. There is a lot that is done on the exterior more than on the inside.

Like every other structure, chimneys are made of different parts and components, and they work together to ensure the fireplace system is functioning well. Every component is important, and none should be overlooked. Although, there is one component that is often forgotten yet it is vital to the chimney system. That component is the chimney crown. This article gives you an analysis of the importance of having a chimney crown.

What is a Chimney Crown?

New gray metal tile roof with chimney

Also referred to as a chimney wash, a chimney crown is a concrete slab that covers the top of a chimney structure. The crown is located at the top of the chimney, just as the name suggests. The chimney crown is mostly made of concrete, but it can also be made of metal and stone. However, it should not be constructed with bricks and mortar as the materials are not waterproof and will degenerate with time, especially when exposed to elements such as rain.

A chimney crown should not be confused with a chimney cap. Chimney caps are mostly made of metal, and they cover the opening of the flue, unlike the crown that covers the entire structure. For chimney crowns, they should be constructed in a domed shape or in a sloppy shape, to prevent moisture build-up at the top of the crown and around the flue. In addition, chimney crowns come in different shapes and sizes. Some homeowners will have the crown-shaped and finished in a specific way that matches the house’s roof color and design.

Why is it Important to Have a Chimney Crown?

  • Stores Embers and Sparks

When burning fire in a fireplace, there are always sparks and embers that will come out of it. Some flow up the chimney, and they get contained there. With a chimney crown in place, the sparks do not get to go anywhere else. In some cases, where there are no chimney crowns, the sparks can encounter tree branches or electric wires hence causing a fire, which could have been prevented with a crown in place.

  • Prevents Entry of Water

If water finds its way into your chimney, it causes many problems to your chimney. Moisture is an enemy of progress to the chimney system. The effect of water in your chimney is that it leads to the possibility of mold growth and mildew growth, which is unhealthy. Repairing a chimney affected by water is costly, and in many cases, the problem does not disappear. The only solution for this issue is having a chimney crown constructed over the chimney. The crown keeps water and moisture out of the chimney. This leads to a long-lasting and well-functioning chimney system.

  • Prevents Debris Build-Up

Debris build-up is a common problem for a homeowner with a chimney. Debris tends to find its way into the chimney and ends up being stuck there. In most chimneys, it is common to find dry leaves, branches, and stems. You need a clean chimney structure to enjoy your fireplace without any issues.

Having a chimney crown is a great solution to the aforementioned issues, but it also needs to be installed and constructed well by professionals. If this is not done, it will be useless after some time. You can have experts come to your house and install it for you to ensure it is well done. Furthermore, maintenance is key. With time, some of the materials will become weary. It is vital to change them since they are predisposed to water. Ignoring this will only worsen the situation, especially if they are already affected by water. You should also consider using long-lasting quality materials.

With the above information, you will enjoy a well-established chimney without any worries. The benefits of having a chimney crown go a long way and can be felt, especially for those who had problems before. As a homeowner, a chimney is a vital structure that cannot be ignored, and the addition of a crown makes it even better. All you need is to find a professional who will install it, and you are good to enjoy your fireplace.