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What is the Importance of a Chimney Installation?

The most important function of a chimney installation is to vent out combustion products from your home. A flue is the inner part of the chimney and can be made of clay tile or metal. Whether you are installing a factory-built chimney or building a new masonry chimney, it is important to use the recommended flue size for your fireplace or woodstove. The best way to ensure your chimney functions properly is to ensure it is built on a solid foundation by a qualified chimney professional. This article discusses a few things you need to know about chimney installation and some of the benefits it offers your home.

What You Need To Know

  • Placement
installer wraps the air duct with mineral wool and foil

It is important to place your chimney within the structure of your home where it protrudes from the top so that it can function optimally. One of the biggest mistakes people make when installing a new chimney is to build it on an outside wall where it is widely exposed to outdoor elements. The main reason behind this is something to do with the “stack effect” which reduces the draft capabilities of the chimney to pull combustion materials from the fireplace to the exterior of your home.

  • Insulation

Insulation is very important for a high-performance chimney that is used for a fireplace or stove and provides heat, contrary to those that serve as a purely decorative feature. The type of insulation needed may vary based on the type of chimney you have. Insulation keeps combustion gasses hot so that they can rise faster and exit through the chimney flue. As a result, your chimney liner accumulates less moisture and dangerous creosote.

  • Safety Codes

Another special consideration is that your chimney should meet the required building safety codes, and this includes the installation of proper lining material. A liner is an essential part of the chimney that contains the products of combustion and directs them outside the house. Following the safety codes of a chimney installation not only helps your structure comply with the set regulations but also safeguards your health and wellbeing.

The Benefits of a Chimney Installation

  • Odor-Free Home

A chimney helps in extracting smoke and toxic fumes from the kitchen or a fireplace to the exterior of your home. Some of the combustion products such as carbon monoxide are health hazards that can be dangerous to you and your family. It also prevents smoke from escaping to surrounding areas, thus keeping your home odor-free by absorbing all the smoke and dangerous gasses.

  • Reduces the Amount of Heat in the House

Besides sucking all the fumes and smoke, a chimney also extracts all the hot air above your stove or fireplace before it gets a chance to dissipate around the room. This not only reduces discomfort while cooking but also reduces your heating and cooling expenses. Without the chimney in place, your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to keep the kitchen area cool when in use.

  • Keeps Your Walls Oil-Free

The number of times you spend trying out different recipes could involve a lot of frying or a lot of cooking that is traditionally oily. Fumes arising from frying stuff in the kitchen also contain oil particles that lead to the formation of grime on your walls, cabinets, and other surrounding areas. A chimney sucks in the oil particles into the flue liner, which helps to maintain cleanliness and increase the longevity of your décor.

  • Reduces Sneezing When Cooking

The aroma of strong spices such as red chilies and black pepper can cause a lot of sneezing when preparing a meal. Since many people cannot do without spices, a combination of a reliable hood and a chimney can reduce the discomfort of sneezing and twitchiness when cooking. Turning on the range hood and allowing the chimney to extract that strong aroma helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria around the cooking area.

  • Improves Appearances and Home Value

You can make your kitchen space appear elegant with a sleek and classy-looking chimney installation. It changes both the look and feel of your kitchen by giving it a proper makeover. The same goes for the outside appearance and overall value of your home. Any new homebuyer would be looking for a home that has a well-functioning chimney in place.

For the stove or fireplace to work perfectly, the chimney must have sufficient draft to extract combustion products to the exterior of the home. It is important to have your chimney installed by a chimney professional as they not only have the experience and expertise to do it but can also advise on its maintenance routines. Your chimney will not only operate efficiently but also keep you and your family safe from harmful combustion products.