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How To Prepare For My Window Installation

Different homeowners have various reasons for installing new replacement windows. Perhaps you want to update your aesthetics, reduce energy expenses, or increase the overall value of your home. Whatever the reason you have, it is your duty as a homeowner to ensure a seamless installation process when the working crew arrives. This home renovation project can create quite a mess so it is important to take precautions to protect the work area and its surroundings. This article discusses a few tips on how to prepare for your window installation.

  • Clear the Work Area

Start by removing everything around the windows to create enough workspace for the installation crew. This includes any pieces of furniture, canvas art, houseplants, and other items close to the window.

man installing mosquito net wire mesh on house window
There is no need to empty the space completely as long as the crew has easy access when working around the area. It is also important to cover your sofas and other delicate items such as electronics to protect them from dust that will be created during the process.

  • Remove Your Window Treatments

Takedown any blinds, curtains, sheers, or anything covering your windows. If possible, you can also remove the interior trimmings, shutters, and hardware, as they will only get in the way. The last thing you want is for the installation crew to waste time taking down trappings as it could also cost you money on charged labor hours. Remove any pictures or wall hangings so that they are not knocked down during the window installation.

  • Protect Your Floors

The crew of professionals performing the window installation tries their best to reduce any mess by putting down drop cloths. Since the window replacement process can be a dusty project, you need to ensure your floors and their surroundings are well-protected. Since no party wants liability for any damages, it is important to discuss with your contractor this detail of the job before taking your own precautions. This applies to both interior and exterior sections of the window installment.

  • Trim Outside Plants Or Bushes (If Needed)

Cut back any shrubs or trees that may be an obstacle to your installation crew. Get rid of pots, planters, and lawn furniture from the area outside the window until the installation is finished. You do not want any fragile plants to be trampled on by accident so; it would be wise to keep them out of the way as well. Trimming any plants or bushes not only creates enough workspace for the installers but also beautifies the surrounding area once the window installation is complete.

  • Protect Your Belongings

Consider renting a portable storage bin if you find it difficult to add temporary storage space. These containers are widely available in different sizes and can be used to store several items during the window installation process. This prevents them from creating an obstruction when the working crew is doing their job. Furthermore, all your items will be placed in a single location so you will not have trouble finding them when it comes to putting them back.

  • Deactivate Your Alarm Systems

Do not forget to deactivate any alarm systems that were previously connected to your windows. This not only helps you avoid setting off false alarms but also prevents your security system wiring or connections from getting in the way. Since a professional installed them, it would be a good idea to have them deactivated by your home security company. Once the installation is complete, you can call them back to reconnect the alarm system to your new window.

  • Keep Children and Pets Away

The process of installing new replacement windows can be very messy with all the noise and dust floating around your house. For the safety of your children, pets, and the working crew, consider restricting access to the work area during the installation. You can always arrange some time with the crew to stop for a while if you need access to something inside the room when the work is still in progress.

Once the prep work is done, it is time for the window replacement crew to do their part as scheduled. You can always talk to your contractor to find out more about your window installation process based on how they perform their renovation projects. Although it might take a little time to get your house ready for installation, it is usually worth the effort as it makes the process go smoothly and protects the interest of both parties.