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When to Repair When to Replace Home Windows

The decision to repair or replace windows can be challenging for many homeowners. If you have no idea what to do, you could spend a lot of time and money repairing your windows when they need to be replaced. It is the same case for homeowners who choose to replace their windows when they could have simply fixed the issue. This article discusses different scenarios of when to repair and when to replace your home windows.

Signs That You Should Repair Your Windows

  • Cracked or Broken Window Glass

There is no need to replace your whole window if the panes are cracked or broken.

two workers replacing a window in a house
It is still possible to have them effectively repaired by a glazier without spending a fortune. A sash replacement may be ideal for broken or cracked multi-paned glass.

  • Minor Water Leakage

Damaged gutters and drainpipes can direct rainwater towards windows. If you notice minor water leakages near the window area, you need to re-route your drainage system and tighten the window seals. Your window seals can hold backwater but not of such great force.

  • Broken Muntin

A muntin is a glazing bar that holds the glass in single-pane windows. If you have brittle or missing putty holding the glass panes then they can easily be fixed. Once you have removed the glass from the window, you need to scrape the area clean before applying fresh putty and secure the glass on the new points.

  • Faulty or Missing Drip Cap

The drip cap acts as the exterior shield and is often located at the top of the window. You can perform this repair easily without professional help. If you find it rotting or missing, consider purchasing a rust-free aluminum drip cap from your local home center. You need to nail the drip cap into place then caulk it.

  • Chipped or Peeling Paint

If your windows are operating normally but you do not like the appearance of chipped or peeled paint, you do not have to replace the entire window. Scraping off the existing paint and applying a fresh coat can improve your home’s curb appeal and spruce up its exterior.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows

  • Stubborn Windows

If you have been struggling to open and close your windows, there could be a lot in play other than faulty or rusted hinges. Perhaps you can open them but they will not stay open or they do not close perfectly as they used to before. Expansion and contraction might cause a lot of damage to the hinges and window frames. In this case, it would be a good idea to replace rather than repair.

  • Major Water Leakage

A bad exterior window casing can lead to excessive water infiltration around the window. Since it is a fixable issue, you need to watch out for water leakages that affect your exterior windows as a whole. If your gutters and drainpipes are in good condition but water seems to be coming through the window when it rains, you will not have a choice but to replace your windows.

  • Old or Outdated Windows

Old windows have many structural problems and may be in poor shape when you look at the area around the window i.e. the siding, studs, house sheathing, and insulation. The best way to improve your curb’s appeal and functionality would be to purchase new windows. In some cases, you might have to rebuild parts of the wall when fitting the new one.

How to Decide Between Window Repair and Replacement

  • Window Performance

The two things that homeowners value the most when it comes to window performance are energy efficiency and comfort. Drafty old windows are always to blame when you find your heating and cooling costs getting higher than they should be. The best way to fix this problem is to replace the window.

  • Labor Cost

There are times when the cost of repairs may be higher in the long run when compared to replacing them. If you find yourself constantly fixing jammed windows, searching for discontinued or rare spare parts, or repainting them now and then to improve their appearance then it is better to replace them.

A window repair or replacement depends on the cause of the problem and the specifics of your home. Some issues can be fixed by repairing your windows, and others may force you to replace them. Whatever the case, it is important to ensure that your windows are energy efficient and provide comfort without you spending a lot of money on endless repairs.