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Category: Stone Masonry

rock stairs surrounded by beautiful flowers

5 Natural Stone Steps Ideas

These slabs lend an authoritative spirit to a home entrance or garden when arranged correctly. However, you might need some professional help to achieve this look as the size and thickness may vary based on your landscape. They have unique weather-resistant qualities and low maintenance that make them ideal for any space. Concrete Beams With…

Old wall of red bricks for background

Ten Basic Principles of Stone Masonry

The first thing that the builder needs to understand is that sedimentary stones ought to be laid in such a way that their natural bedding panels are horizontal and not vertical. Stones Should Not be Laid Longer Than Their Long Apart from the corners, builders should never lay a stone taller than it is long.…

new stone masonry walls

What are the Total Types of Stone Masonry?

The stone selection for the work depends on stone availability and the benefits of the structure. Common stones used for this kind of construction include marble, granite, limestone, and many more. Mortar Mortar is the binding material used in stone masonry. Lime and cement combined with water and sand help form the masonry mortar. Factors…